Thursday, August 21, 2014

|travel| :: A WEEKEND IN BERLIN ::

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar!

Flea market, Friedrichshain

Breakfast Market
the breakfast

I`ve finally made it to Berlin this last weekend. It was a bit extra, cuz I even had a b-day on Sunday, which was pretty amazing btw. ;) Saturday we partied until the morning in with Wilde Renate (I`ll repeat that for sure) and than Sunday, was for markets and karaoke .. of course, with a bad case of a hangover. :) 
Honestly, I took just a few photos in the whole weekend, because there was so much going on, that I didn`t even remember to take photos + sometimes, I just prefer not to focus on what I want to capture, but just simply enjoy myself. So, yeah, I loved Berlin. The city is pretty amazing, but I wasn`t really impressed by the architecture, but the people!! Oh, wow, the people. They are the ones that make this city magical. <3
I was also lucky enough to meet some old friends of mine, which was really great, so maybe that was an extra cherry for me. :) 


Now, I have a new dream. To live in Berlin. Searching for a job... if you know something, let me know, or if you are a Berliner and you need some super extra forces...let me know! I can do magic as well. :) 

hugs + kisses
Maja (the dreamer) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

INSTAGRAM FAVORITES :: JULY :: malaposastmici ~ interview + photos ::

Some people are really keen on Instagram and some are not. Well, I belong to the first group. I love watching photos, especially if they come from a creative and inspirational people.
I decided to pick one of my favorite iggers each month, starting with July and "malaposastmici" - a girl that loves spending time in the nature and has a great sense of capturing beautiful moments.

Tell us a bit about yourself ..
I'm a 20 and something old girl, a lawyer by profession. You could say I’m a full time researcher - I’m currently making a living as a junior researcher in a private company, and in my free time, I’m researching the rest of the world. In the recent years, I’ve become a real sports addict. Besides mountaineering, I enjoy running, playing tennis, skiing and horseback riding. I love cats, black coffee and nicely arranged food on my colorful plates. I hardly ever watch television, it makes me nervous.

What does Instagram means to you? 
Instagram is my diary of everyday fragments in square photographs, captured by my phone camera. It’s also a great place to meet interesting people and find inspiration. 

Where do you find inspiration?
A lot of it comes from thinking about different things I have seen or experienced

How come you spend so much time in the Mountains?
Because I was born in Gorenjska (the Slovenian Alps region) and been living there my whole life, I think the love for the mountains is written in my DNA. It’s hard to explain why. You get the whole “package”: the planning, the expectation, the adventure, and the unexpected. There is a lot of sweat, and sometimes there are tears, sometimes you want to quit along the way to the top, but you push yourself, mentally and physically, just a little bit more. You forget about your everyday worries, you left them far behind. Different kind of things matter in the mountains, and that is a nice change from the daily routine.

What would be your favourite quote?
“Every time, I was in the mountains, I was happy. I realized that there is no large, absolute happiness, but there are a lot of small fortunes, which can be repeated.” (Dr. Miha Potočnik)

What`s your favourite place in Slovenia and abroad? 
There are so many beautiful places in Slovenia, but if I had to choose I would say Kranjska Gora, where I spent a lot of time and the alpine valley Vrata, because it is the starting point of the most beautiful mountain tours in Slovenia and the valley itself offers breathtaking views of Julian Alps. As for abroad, traveling across Sardinia and Sicily left a special place in my heart

What`s your message to the world?
You should always find the time to do the things you love. 

Thank you D., it was a pleasure! ;) 

xo, M.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

|travel| :: MEXICO ~ part 2 ~ OAXACA ::

During our time in Mexico we managed to visit five different regions. Oaxaca was definitely one of my favourite ones. In this post I`ve combined photos from Oaxaca city, Hierve el agua, Mitla, Monte Alban and Puerto Escondido (the Pacific Coast).

I decided to go with my travel journal writting in this post, but not everything of course, cuz it would be way too much.
We arrived in Oaxaca late afternoon, unpacked our bags and went for a stroll. We were lucky because there was so much going on that weekend. First there was a Marathon (If I`d knew, I`m sure that I would want to participate) + there was a festival going on for the whole weekend (lots of music, food, dancing..).
The city has a really nice friendly vibe, I really felt good there. Everyone were smiling, being happy and nice. Sounds surprising? Well, for me it was as well, but it`s true that I was smiling all the time as well. :)
We decided to have a dinner near the Zocalo (main square), not to miss all the fun, cuz we didn`t know how long it will last. The food was great + a good price (since we were next to the square), but of course, there was at least 10 people trying to sell us something (little kids with candies, indigenous women selling clothes, a guy playing on a guitar, another guy playing on a guitar, someone selling roses, next one jewelery...). Ahh, I got tough skin by now,  but kids and older people still get to me, especially kids (5/6 years old), cuz they just stand there and stare at the food. How am I supose to eat and ignore them?
There was one little girl (cutie pie with big black eyes and two ponytails) asking me if I want a chocolate. I said no and than she just stood there and stared at my plate, to the only taco still left on it. She looked at me, looked at taco and asked: "Are you going to eat that taco?". It didn`t matter, I gave her that taco and I think I made her day. She was so happy and that made me happy. *This happened in Mexico City tough.*
Anyhow, we explored the center a bit, saw a few street shows and went to sleep, cuz we were exhausted from the trip. Next day we visited the ancient Zapotec capital of Monte Alban (White Mountain). It suposed to be one of the most impressive ancient sites in Mexico, with spectacular 360-degree views. It was quite cool, cuz it was almost empty (low-season). I think we were only about 10 people wandering around. On the way up we met Guillaume, a funny French guy that speaks great spanish and has a good sense of humor and he was the reason, we started talking with Claudia y Poncho, our amigos de Oaxaca ("mucha vročina"). It was a hot and wonderful day, definitely one to remember. We spend whole day together walking around, untill the late afternoon, when we took the bus back to the city. Claudia and Poncho took us to a local place where we had typical comida (lunch), which was really good. Claudia helped in the kitchen and served us food, cuz she was a friend of the cook. For me, it was a really nice experience, cuz basically two strangers took us for a lunch and I kind of had a feeling, they are taking care of us. It`s hard to explain, but they were really nice and kind, people with big hearts and great soul. I`m really happy I had a chance to spend a day with them...all of them! Hah, the ride home was interesting, heavy rain and a van with a crazy driver with tires that have no profile left + on the right side there was a clif that was too close most of the time. I was really scared, even though I like a bit of adrenalin.
Next day we went for a day trip to visit the village El Tule that lies 10km east of Oaxaca and the reason for the visit is "El Arbol del Tule" which is claimed to be the largest tree in the world. It is huge indeed and that`s why I have no photo of it, cuz it was impossible to make a decent photo with the whole tree on it. :)
Next was Teotitlan del Valle the famous weaving village, about 25km from Oaxaca, where we saw how the blankets and rugs are made (9th photo) and next stop was Mezcaleria, where they showed us the process of producing Mezcal, where in the end, of course, we had a bit of tasting. ;)
After that, finally it was time to visit Hierve el Agua (the water boils), which was one of the best thing in the whole trip. I loved it there. It was magnificant + it was a first chance to swim and refresh ourselves. The views there are spectacular, I mean, really amazing! We had like 2h I think and on the way back the storm started to approach and that was something I never saw before. In front of us it was completely dark, like night has fallen way too quickly and behind us, there was sun shining like it`s his last day to shine (photos 15-18).
The last but not least is Puerto Escondido, the Pacific Coast. We stayed there three nights as well and the ride to get there was hot and seven hours long with Collectivo (small van) on a very curvy road. :) Puerto Escondido is really known for Zicatela, the beach known for it`s legendary Mexican Pipeline. Nobody swims there, because it`s too dangerous (strong currents) and only pro`s are surfing at that spot. We just had a walk by, but our cameras were sadly in the hostels, so no photos of the great waves, sorry. :) Overall, It was nice and we were delighted to finally see the ocean, but it was hot and humidity was killing us. Jaka was sick with fever already, so he was struggling even more, but anyway he went for a bit of surfing at Carrilazillo beach which is great for beginners and swimmers. :)
We enjoyed coconuts, sunsets, the sound of the ocean, but we were happy to move on to San Cristobal de Las Casas and fresh mountain air. More about that in the next post... stay tuned. ;)

P.s. There is no food included in this post, because I decided I`ll make on extra that will include just photos of food and explanations. That will make you hungry, be prepared. ;)

The traditional dance


Lovely girls before their dance show
Famous hot chocolate in Oaxaca

small sweet bananas
chilli - lots of chilli
introducing weaving and natural colouring

in the making of Mezcal

Do you want some Agave?

Explaining the process of producing Mezcal..

... explaining what are this drinks made of .. 

Mitla ruins

Hierve el Agua - the magical place
The spectacular views
This is no photoshop photo, it was exactly like that. :) 
Monte Alban
it was windy and they were happy

playing some ancient game :)

Playa Manzanillo, Puerto Escondido
Playa Carrilazillo


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