Monday, April 27, 2015

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Yesterday I wrote about Farmhouse Firbas and today I`m going to give you a few tips where to stop for a delicious pumpking seed oil, make your own clay pot, eat with a style & enjoy the spa.

Let`s start with Kocbek Oil mill, which goes back to 1929 when Alojz Kocbek started the mill and oil-making business. He passed his knowledge and experience from generation to generation and each added something of their own. You can find them at Stara Gora, on the main road in the direction of Gornja Radgona. Their specialty is cold-pressed oil, especially cold-pressed pumpking seed oil. Besides pumpking seed oil, you can also buy Sunflower oil, Walnut oil (delicious!), Strast (Passion) Chocolate and Indigenous gift sets.

We had a tour of the Oil mill, which was a really nice experience, because I`m a big fan of pumpking seed oil, but I have never seen how they`re actually making it. Gorazd Kocbek introduced the procces of making the oil and told us a bit about their business and products. We had a degustation, where we tried different oils, Strast (Passion) chocolate, which was my favourite (the one with the onion! check out the webpage to see the whole collection), curd spread with pumpking oil, a roll and vanilla ice-cream with pumpking seed oil (that was kind of surprising cuz I`ve never thought of that combination, but it works great. The best way to believe me is that you try it by yourself as well). ;)

After we finished with eating again it was time to visit Center Duo in Veržej, where we had a chance to bring out the creative side of us and make our own clay pots. This was actually one of my favourite things on the whole trip, cuz I am a creative person and I`ve never worked with clay before, so it was a new experience + we had so much fun with it...well at least I did! ;)
So, this is a place to be if you need to be creative on holidays + you can sleep in Zemljanka earth lodges (check the description on the photo), enjoy a bonfire at night, take a clay class or just follow your inspiration and be creative as you want or you feel like it. ;) Pretty cool, right?

Guess which clay pot is mine? :P

Before the day was finished and we checked into a hotel, it was time to eat again (tired from all the hard work with the clay of course) and our next destination was Gostilna Rajh in Bakovci. 
You know I`m a sucker for details and great interior and Rajh convinced me even before I saw/tasted the food. Everything is like it should be, served with a style. We even had a little challenge, which was to create our own salad (check the collage below, the main photo). If you think of it, it`s just a lil` thing, but we all had fun with it + again, we had a chance to be creative, so the feeling of eating the salad that you created by yourself, was even better. ;)
Anyhow, the food was heavenly and I do highly recommend to visit them if you are near by.

mmmm... do I need to say more? Cheers! xx

Our tummies were super full and we were very lazy and anxius to get to Hotel Livada Prestige, where we slept our first night. Our super funky ride (Nissan Qashqai and X-trail) were great for transporting all the extra weight that we gained during the day (seriously, I was sooooo full that it would be great if I had more comfy pants on my butt). That`s an honest confession, I`m aware of it, no worries. :)
First we checked in, enjoyed a welcome drink on a terrace and then it was time for our first challenge... golf. It was fun, but honestly, it didn`t convince, probably because we were short on time, and getting the ball into a hole... kind of impossible. :)) If you are enthusiastic about playing golf, then Livada is a good choice when you`re in Slovenia (just so you know).

Room + Breakfast

Top left photo is from Anita (life style fun), because all my batteries were dead. Top right - check out the slide!
After the golf and walk around the hotel, we had a treasure hunt and as you can see, Miran was the lucky one. He found the treasure and the sun was shining upon him & that made him happy. :))
He was in a good mood so he decided to share the treasure with us and we all got a really nice towels from Sava hotels. ;)

The big finale was finally here. We were done with all the activities and it was time to relax a bit, enjoy the bath in the termal black (smelly, but very healthy) water and try out saunas. 
Uff, that was a great ending of a perfect day.

Are you already convinced that this is the place to be for the weekend escape? Don`t you forget that you might be the lucky winner in the spa of your choice and all you need to do is to vote for the best blogger on this link: .
Don`t be lazy, be brave! :) 

xo, Maja

Saturday, April 25, 2015

|travel tips| :: SLOVENIA ~ FIRBAS FARMHOUSE ::

When you are tired from work & everyday routine, it`s time to pack your bags and hit the road. If you feel like you really need to get away from everyday buzz and find a unique experience in picturesque landscape, go towards Slovenske gorice in the northeastern part of Slovenia and book a room at Firbas Farmhouse. They are very much into the tradition and serving only homemade and homegrown products - yummy (trust me, I`m a foodie). ;)

If you wish to enjoy and explore Slovenia as well, go to this link --> and vote for Mikstejp aka your favourite blogger and you might win a free weekend getaway in a spa of your choice! (btw, there are two left, one of them went to a very lovely lady that I know and I`m very happy that she is one of the lucky winners). ;) Check also #nasvetzadobroseimet, which is kind of hard to translate directly, but maybe  "a tip to have a good time" would be kind of close. If you want to know more about the project, go to my first post, which was an intro for this series of post.

It depends what you wish for, but you can choose among 8 rooms, 2 suites or a hayloft (how cool is that?!) .. I`d reccommend hayloft at least for one night, because it`s always good to try out the authentic experience.  C`mon, imagine... waking up in hayloft, enjoying homemade goodies for breakfast, pamper yourself  in bubble wooden tubs under the trees.... not bad, right? ;)
I know you want it, so catch your slovenian dream here. ;)


wooden tub

 If you take kids with you, they will for sure be happy to pet all the animals at the farm.. <3

We had a tour around the Farm and then they served us a "luxurios homemade breakfast" as I would say, because there was so many goods on the table that I didn`t know where to start, but I knew I want to taste a bit of everything (homemade bread, fresh cheese, pate, tunka meat cuts, jams and lots of other goodies). I raelly enjoyed this part, because we had a chance to talk with Marjana and Bojan and charge our phones :D (bloggers going crazy with taking a photo of everything .. that was a fun crowd to be around). 

delicious breakfast
+ you have to try their homemade pear products (juice for the morning and pear schnapps (on the left) for the afternoon/evening .. or both in the morning, just to make your day a bit. ;)

the crew enjoying the drinks and going crazy with social media :)

So, no worries, for sure you will find plenty of things to do, from cycling and walking trails, beach volleyball, football, table tennis, archery or simple enjoying the shades of trees.
If you wish you can also try yourself and help with the farm chores and perhaps help the owner to walk the horses.

this is the way to relax!

So, leave your worries behind and decide for an "offline" weekend in the nature, exploring new things and spoiling yourself with good food, great company and wonderful landscape! ;) 

xo, Maja

Saturday, April 18, 2015


If you are following my social media channels you already know that last weekend I had a blast, thx to agency MGM Media Optima d.o.o. that invited me on a trip to explore North-East part of Slovenia, along with few other bloggers/journalists. If you are curious who was with me, check out this link, where you can vote for your favourite blogger/journalist (don`t mind if I suggest you vote for me) and use #nasvetzadobroseimet to check what we`ve posted during our trip and afterwards as well. ;)

a mix(tejp) preview of the things to come ;)

I have a lot of material to share with you guys, so I was thinking a lot about how exactly I want to do that. First of all, I`d like for you to get to know that part of Slovenia a bit more, because it`s wonderful and people should give more focus and attention to it. It`s not only Bled and Postonjska jama that is worth a visit when you are planning your unforgettable experience backpacking/roadtripping/exploring our little hidden european gem (that`s how they call it!). :)

We were exploring Pomurje (the most North-Eastern, flat and agricultural region in Slovenia) & Ptuj (the oldest town in Slovenia.). The region is known for its wine, its spa towns, great food and of course, historic town of Ptuj ... so, by now, I hope you are already daydreming of you enjoying all what the region has to offer. ;)

If you have never been to Pomurje I think the description below is great:
"The dreamy countryside along the Mura River in eastern Slovenia is a land of wide fields and rounded hills, storks and wind-rattles, floating mills, healing waters and energy points, picturesque winegrowing hills, original traditions and dialects, and most of all, a land of hospitable people, who live in Slovenia`s largest agricultural region." (

& Ptuj, wow, what a beautiful town! I`ll be short with description here, because I decided I`ll make one post just for the town, so you`ll get plenty of informations and photos there. Don`t forget to come back though, I promise it will be up in a couple of days. ;)

Btw, I found this cute video on youtube where you can get a preview of what to expect, but trust me, it`s not the same as if you would have a nice bike ride through the countryside, enjoy a glass of wine, taste delicious cuisine and explore the streets by yourself.. just so you know. :) 

Anyway, I think this is a solid introduction of my next few posts where I`ll give you some suggestions about where to sleep for a through authentic experience, eat traditional food, drink good wine, buy famous pumpking oil, have some adrenaline pumping through your vains, try yourself in making pottery, maybe spoil yourself with a new dress, enjoy spa and feel the luxury of a hotel.

We were lucky and got the chance to explore the region with Nissan X-trail and Qashai, thx to Avohiša Malgaj & Avtohiša Krulc
The drive was great, the car is fantastic & I`ll be happy to repeat the experience (just sayin`). :)

So, keep in touch, I promise that the virtual trip will be fun! ;)

So, on the photo is "the crew" and in the backgoround the beautiful Ptuj (check out the castle!).

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